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10,000 Spanish Bibles Plus other languages

Bearing Precious Seed in Milford Oh, one of our print suppliers asked us to take on a project to get 10,000 Spanish whole Bibles assembled and ready to ship to our missionary in the southern part of Mexico. From there the bibles will be disbursed to indigenous pastors and churches throughout southern Mexico and a large portion will be transported into Central America to be be used there to share the love of God for the souls of men, women, and families who need the hope that comes through the printed word and the Living Word, Jesus Christ.

We are blessed to have a large team of volunteers who come on Saturdays to assemble bibles by preparing the signatures, binding to their customized covers then trimmed and boxed then finally loaded on pallets ready to ship. We are also blessed because we have several churches share in the workload. This project includes Heartland Baptist Fellowship, and volunteers from three other local area churches.

In addition to getting these Spanish bibles ready to go, early last week we gave 75 Haitian Creole New Testaments to missionaries who train national pastors. We are also working on getting 3,750 French New Testaments to the country of Benin in Africa. Next week we will deliver 3 cases of Farsi children’s bibles and about 150 New Testaments to Afghani immigrants in the Kansas City area.

While we have a lot of work going on we also have several prayer needs:

  1. You can tell we need additional space to hold our equipment, our stock, and our people and still allow us to move around safely. Pray for wisdom on how / where to expand
  2. Pray for funds to help cover the costs for these scriptures as we try in all cases to send to the mission field at now cost to the missionary.
  3. Pray for our equipment to stay operational as we have a lot of older equipment.
  4. Pray for the safety of our volunteers.

Pro 30:5  Every word of God is pure: he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him.

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