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2023 Projects

2023 Project Planning and Prayer Needs

The opportunities to assemble and ship God’s Word to missionaries and ministries around the world is ever growing. While digital media is a great tool, there is no lack of need for the printed Word to go forth. Even Job cried out to have his word recorded when he said in Job 19:23  Oh that my words were now written! oh that they were printed in a book!

In 2023 we are praying for several specific goals:

  1. 20,000 sheets of paper that can be cut down to print bibles, John and Romans, Discipleship Study inserts. 2,000 sheets is $460.00 (note paper prices have escalated in 2022.
  2. $25,000 to purchase signatures which can be assembled at the Word First Armory for distribution to missionaries
  3. We are asking the Lord to help us fund a new glue binding machine. the cost of the one that will work best for us cost $65,000
  4. Funds for the specific projects mentioned below
  5. Identifying a translation project that can be adopted by Word First partnering churches to send God’s Word to someone who has no Bible
  6. To engage churches and pastors in the vision of Word First

In 2023 we are also excited to consider the following projects:

  1. Jamaica 1,000 Whole Bibles – Ministry “Christ Love in Action”

The need in Jamaica continues to grow and we hope to supply the need by increasing our gift to the ministry of Christ Love in Action on the island of Jamaica (the late Brother Bob Weston’s ministry). The cost to assemble these Bibles is expected to be approximately $2,250 plus approximately $2,000 for shipping from our shop to the port of entry in Kingston.

Every year Heartland Baptist Fellowship endeavors to supply Christ Love in Action and his team with quality King James Version Bibles which are assembled at HBF by faithful members of the body of Christ. We typically supply 2,000 Bibles that are giving away free of charge.

The first 1,000 Bibles will be produced during the first half of the year while the remaining 1,000 will be produced during the Fall Bible Conference at Heartland Baptist Fellowship.

You can donate to the support of this project or any project here.

     2. Heartland Baptist Fellowship – 1,250 whole English Bibles – $3,000

These Bibles are used for our guests and have a vital role to play in the sharing of God’s Word. Every year we produce Bibles to replenish those we have freely given away.

       You can donate to the support of this project or any project here

      3. 2,000 Bibles for Joe Hendrigsman in Southern Mexico $6,000

      4. 18,000 New Testaments also for Joe Hendrigsman in Southern Mexico $6,000

       5. 20,000 Polish New Testaments for Poland $6,000

You can donate to the Spanish Bibles to any of these projects here.