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Jamaica bibles in country

Word First had committed to assembling and shipping bibles to Christ’s Love in Action, a ministry that was led by Brother Bob Weston. Bro Bob passed away a year ago but we are committed to his ministry and we shipped 1,000 bibles that were assembled during the 2019 Fall Bible conference.

The bibles where shipped from Word First through Miami but once they made it to Jamaica they were overlooked and remained in customs storage for several months. In early May we found them and had the fees processed and now they are in the faithful hands of Bro Bob’s co-workers who are so blessed to give them out.

we will be making another 1,000 bibles that you can participate in by sponsoring this next shipment. Financial support can be give here to help cover the costs of the bibles themselves which averages $2.50 per bible. Shipping varies but can run as has as an additional $1.00 to $1.50 per bible.

Brother Bob greatly appreciated our contribution to his ministry and he was always thankful and always wanted everyone to know that the Jamaican people loved the King James bible. shortly before he passed he wrote our senior pastor a letter and I want to include it here. It has moved our team to keep faithful to the work of assembling and sending bibles.

Bro Brian,

Precious greetings to you and all the Brethren in the mighty and matchless name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I trust that all is well with you and that you continue to abide faithful to the call of God, your witness for Christ, will serve to challenge many to a greater commitment to the mission in 2019.

First of all, let me acknowledge my sincere appreciation to you all, for the precious gift of Bibles. It was exactly what we needed in order to strike a decisive blow against the kingdom of darkness. In all my years of ministry in Jamaica, I’ve yet to see such a demand for Bibles on the part of the people, as we’ve recently witnessed. Wherever Bro Ever and I go, we are constantly being besieged for Bibles by folks from every walk of life. It may well be that it because it’s the KJV version, which is now in scarce supply. But they also make request because of the added information you’ve provided which is much help and assistance to them in coming to Christ and being discipled for Christ. The fact that the print is bigger, and the color attractive also adds to their appeal. My brother, I know these Bibles come at a great sacrifice to yourself, and for all those who gave not only of their time and energy, but also of their resources in making it possible for us to have them. As a team, we owe you a debt of gratitude for your sacrificial love on our behalf. Please let the folks know I greatly appreciate what they did, and that I believe it’s the perfect Bible with which to evangelize the lost.

We are giving thanks to the Lord for what is being accomplished as a result of our ongoing outreach to the hospital and in the street. Our Christmas-day fellowship was a blessing to all who attended, about a thousand folks came. They heard the gospel, to which some responded, and we administered Christ’s love in a very real, and tangible way to all who came.

My brother may the Lord ever bless and prosper you all.

For Christ’s sake,

Bro Bob

Partnering to Prepare Scripture for the World

The Word First Bible Publishing Ministry is looking for partners who are willing to financially support the work of the ministry and the projects that WFBPM has committed to taking on in 2020.

We need funding to cover several costs for the ministry. Your contribution will be a big blessing to completing the work.

First we need to pay for the printing of signatures. We partner with church printing ministries that have agreed to print the Word for us for which we are charged, then there is the shipping to get the signatures to us and then later to get the finished product to their destination. Any person or church can be a partner. You can click here to donate towards funding the work that needs to be done.

We recently purchased a Rossback stitcher to bind copies of John and Romans. The machine can staple up to 2,000 John and Romans per/hour.

Raising funds for equipment, supplies, repairs, paper, design of covers and all that supports the ministry is were you can help.

Commit to becoming a financial partner of Word First Bible Publishing Ministry.

The Bible Conference

Heartland Baptist Fellowship
10th Annual Bible Conference

Every year Heartland Baptist Fellowship transforms their church into a fully functioning assembly line to assemble as many Bibles or New Testaments as they can and this year is no exception. After ten years of assembling the Word of God to be shipped around the world the work is still just as vital and just as important.

The Bible Conference this year will be a busy one as Heartland plans to assemble the following in 4 days:

  • 4,000 English New Testaments to be sent to the Texas/Mexico border
  • 1,000 English whole Bibles for Jamaica
  • 1,000 English whole Bibles for HBF ministries
  • 1,650 Spanish whole Bibles for Oaxaca Mexico
  • 250 English Freedom Bibles for local jail ministries
  • 250 English Bibles for Harvest Baptist Church (not yet finalized)
  • 500 English Bibles for a Wounded Veterans outreach

 Great preaching from a variety of or own and guest pastors

Pastor’s Brian Hedges and Randy Foster both from Heartland Baptist Fellowship, as well as Pastors Tony Godfrey of Harvest Baptist Church in Iola, KS; Mike Blake of Maple City Baptist Church in Monmouth, Illinois, and Pastor Tom Brockmeyer of Harvest Baptist Church in Blue Springs, MO will encourage us from the scripture during the week.

 You can participate several ways:

  1. Plan to attend to hear from God through the preaching of the Word
    *  Services Sunday morning 9:00am and 10:30am
    *  Services Sunday night at 6:00pm
    *  Services Monday through Wednesday evenings 6:30pm  
  2. Plan to be a part of the assembly line work that goes on. There are needs for collating, rolling, checking, glue binding, trimming, and boxing
    *  Work begins right after conclusion of morning service
    *  Break for the evening service at 6:00pm
    *  Work begins again after evening service until 10pm
     Monday thru Wednesday 
    *  Work begins at 8:00am
    *  Break for evening service at 6:30pm
    *  Work begins again after evening service until 10pm  
  3. Volunteer to help serve the many meals that will feed the Bible assembly crews  
  4. Pray
    *  For the work to be completed safely
    *  For the workers to be encouraged
    *  For the ones who will receive the Bibles
    *  For the ministry teams who will distribute the Bibles  
  5. Financially support the project by giving now and throughout the year to help fund the Bible distribution projects year round. We still need to raise $8,000.00 to cover the cost of the conference and the Bibles we will be assembling. Those costs include the paper, the ink, the boxes, the shipping, and any customs fees due at border entry.

Sierra Leone Project

In July the Word First Bible Publishing team took on a major project in the armory to assemble 4,300 New Testaments bound for Sierra Leone and a missionary family there to share the word of God.

Many from Heartland also participated by joining in with the team to collate, check, prepare, bind, trim and box these English New Testaments in partnership with Spring City Baptist Church in Cleveland VA.

These New Testaments are part of a larger project that Spring City Baptist is conducting to send a total of 12,000 NT, 3,000 whole bibles, and 12,000 John and Romans booklets.

God has blessed HBF with a great team of people who together with members of someo of our sister churches in Kansas City metro area, make up a team of dedicated workers who not only believe the word of God in the King James Version is God’s word but they also have a great concern for God’s word to be shared around the world. The driving desire for the team is that everyone have a chance to possess God’s word in their language if possible or a language that as closely as possible speaks to their heart, the saving message of Christ and his death, burial, and glorious resurrection.

If you would like to support this ministry physically you can at any time join with us when we do projects. You can also support the ministry financially by donating to help cover the cost of scriptures. We do not charge missionaries for the bibles and other literature we give them but we do have to pay to have them printed and shipped so your contribution is always a blessing.

Our next big project is the annual Fall Bible Conference September 22 – 25 at Heartland. We will be assembling approximagly 8,500 New Testaments and bibles to ship to various places around the world. Plan to attend, help, and support this project and ministry.

The need to print bibles

It is a valid question to ask: Why is there a need to continue printing bibles when the availability of digital format is growing daily?

The simple answer is the value of the Word of God is enhanced by the value of the printed page. When we relegate God’s word to an app on our mobile device it becomes as common as a game app or a social media app. When we hold the printed page in our hand we are holding the one thing that has had the greatest impact on the world, more than most any other device.

From the time of the Gutenberg press, the bible has been on the cutting edge of change in the world. While the estimates claim that the entire planet will have a mobile device by the year 2024, there are very good reasons to continue to print and distribute bibles. Here are just a few:

  • Books are valuable giving texture and feeling to holding the word of God
  • Books stand the test of time, do not need to be charged, and can operate in any environment regardless of temperatures
  • Books hold your attention far better than a mobile device because it is so easy to flip over to a social media site and lose track of what you are reading.
  • Books don’t lend themselves to being cut and pasted so the reader is paying more attention to the content rather than the next great post or tweet.
  • Books can be shared easier than the tablet or phone. It is believed that approximately seven people are touched by the printed word rather than the one or two by the digital counterpart.
  • Mobile devices are great resources for study and have their place but preaching done from the printed page is more accurate with scripture. Neh 8:5  And Ezra opened the book in the sight of all the people; (for he was above all the people;) and when he opened it, all the people stood up:
  • The printed page can also be distributed much more inexpensively to a larger number of people because mobile devices must first be bought and distributed before the app can even be loaded
  • Digital MP3 players limit the ability of the hearer to quickly access a chapter or verse unless more expensive players which index the text are used but this raises the overall cost of the project
  • The word of God was first written down and shared, something that is lost in a digital world

There are valid reasons for using digital tools but we should never forsake the printing of scripture for the convenience of technology.