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New Bible Trimmer on site

We are excited to announce that we have finally raised enough funds to acquire a new book trimmer to replace our old unit. The old unit served us well but it was old and in not so good… Read More

Bibles make it to Zambia

Last fall in 2022 we shipped 300 whole English bibles to Rev. Douglas Sakuwaha in the capital to be used in training of chaplains who minister to the national Police, the military and chaplains who work at the… Read More

Bibles on the way to Jamaica

More than five years ago Heartland Baptist Fellowship began supporting Missionary Evangelist Bob Weston, Bob’s ministry called Christ’s Love in Action was a ministry making a difference in the eastern part of the island. He had a request… Read More

10,000 Spanish Bibles Plus other languages

Bearing Precious Seed in Milford Oh, one of our print suppliers asked us to take on a project to get 10,000 Spanish whole Bibles assembled and ready to ship to our missionary in the southern part of Mexico…. Read More

First 2022 Project Complete

Starting in January 2022 the bible team set out to complete 1,700 bibles. 1,200 were to go to the Jackson County Jail Chaplain office in Kansas City to minister to the incarcerated men and women there. the remaining… Read More

Jamaica bibles in country

Word First had committed to assembling and shipping bibles to Christ’s Love in Action, a ministry that was led by Brother Bob Weston. Bro Bob passed away a year ago but we are committed to his ministry and… Read More

Partnering to Prepare Scripture for the World

The Word First Bible Publishing Ministry is looking for partners who are willing to financially support the work of the ministry and the projects that WFBPM has committed to taking on in 2020. We need funding to cover… Read More

The Bible Conference

Heartland Baptist Fellowship10th Annual Bible Conference Every year Heartland Baptist Fellowship transforms their church into a fully functioning assembly line to assemble as many Bibles or New Testaments as they can and this year is no exception. After… Read More

Sierra Leone Project

In July the Word First Bible Publishing team took on a major project in the armory to assemble 4,300 New Testaments bound for Sierra Leone and a missionary family there to share the word of God. Many from… Read More

The need to print bibles

Why would we still want to print a bible?