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Current Projects

Word First Publishing is continually planning and participating in efforts to freely share the Word of God worldwide. Projects are accepted from churches and ministries that are like-minded in mission, doctrine, and position on manuscript usage. The projects are either completed in house in our assembly shop or at conferences where anyone who loves the Word of God is encouraged to actively participate in a literal hands on approach to assemble Bibles, New Testaments, and other literature.

Here is a listing of our current 2019 projects:

1,000 Wholehttps://www.caribbeanlifenews.com/assets/photos/2017/7/2017-07-21-vkp-jamaicans-at-riverside-cl01_z.jpg English Bibles to Jamaica
While the assembly of these Bible has already been completed, you can still be a part of the spread of God’s Word in Jamaica by helping with the shipping costs. The current estimate to move the Bibles from our facility to Kingston Jamaica is $1,000.00. You can donate to help with the cost here