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Jamaica bibles in country

Word First had committed to assembling and shipping bibles to Christ’s Love in Action, a ministry that was led by Brother Bob Weston. Bro Bob passed away a year ago but we are committed to his ministry and we shipped 1,000 bibles that were assembled during the 2019 Fall Bible conference.

The bibles where shipped from Word First through Miami but once they made it to Jamaica they were overlooked and remained in customs storage for several months. In early May we found them and had the fees processed and now they are in the faithful hands of Bro Bob’s co-workers who are so blessed to give them out.

we will be making another 1,000 bibles that you can participate in by sponsoring this next shipment. Financial support can be give here to help cover the costs of the bibles themselves which averages $2.50 per bible. Shipping varies but can run as has as an additional $1.00 to $1.50 per bible.

Brother Bob greatly appreciated our contribution to his ministry and he was always thankful and always wanted everyone to know that the Jamaican people loved the King James bible. shortly before he passed he wrote our senior pastor a letter and I want to include it here. It has moved our team to keep faithful to the work of assembling and sending bibles.

Bro Brian,

Precious greetings to you and all the Brethren in the mighty and matchless name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I trust that all is well with you and that you continue to abide faithful to the call of God, your witness for Christ, will serve to challenge many to a greater commitment to the mission in 2019.

First of all, let me acknowledge my sincere appreciation to you all, for the precious gift of Bibles. It was exactly what we needed in order to strike a decisive blow against the kingdom of darkness. In all my years of ministry in Jamaica, I’ve yet to see such a demand for Bibles on the part of the people, as we’ve recently witnessed. Wherever Bro Ever and I go, we are constantly being besieged for Bibles by folks from every walk of life. It may well be that it because it’s the KJV version, which is now in scarce supply. But they also make request because of the added information you’ve provided which is much help and assistance to them in coming to Christ and being discipled for Christ. The fact that the print is bigger, and the color attractive also adds to their appeal. My brother, I know these Bibles come at a great sacrifice to yourself, and for all those who gave not only of their time and energy, but also of their resources in making it possible for us to have them. As a team, we owe you a debt of gratitude for your sacrificial love on our behalf. Please let the folks know I greatly appreciate what they did, and that I believe it’s the perfect Bible with which to evangelize the lost.

We are giving thanks to the Lord for what is being accomplished as a result of our ongoing outreach to the hospital and in the street. Our Christmas-day fellowship was a blessing to all who attended, about a thousand folks came. They heard the gospel, to which some responded, and we administered Christ’s love in a very real, and tangible way to all who came.

My brother may the Lord ever bless and prosper you all.

For Christ’s sake,

Bro Bob

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