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Partnering to Prepare Scripture for the World

The Word First Bible Publishing Ministry is looking for partners who are willing to financially support the work of the ministry and the projects that WFBPM has committed to taking on in 2020.

We need funding to cover several costs for the ministry. Your contribution will be a big blessing to completing the work.

First we need to pay for the printing of signatures. We partner with church printing ministries that have agreed to print the Word for us for which we are charged, then there is the shipping to get the signatures to us and then later to get the finished product to their destination. Any person or church can be a partner. You can click here to donate towards funding the work that needs to be done.

We recently purchased a Rossback stitcher to bind copies of John and Romans. The machine can staple up to 2,000 John and Romans per/hour.

Raising funds for equipment, supplies, repairs, paper, design of covers and all that supports the ministry is were you can help.

Commit to becoming a financial partner of Word First Bible Publishing Ministry.

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