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Request a Project

We know there are many missionaries who need Bibles and many churches who want to help them so we want to help too. If you are a missionary or church planter or a pastor who wants to support someone on the field with Bibles, drop us a line and we’ll see how we can partner together to get God’s Word to the people in need.

Minimum order: 200, Maximum: 1000 (you can request more just let us know)

The average cost per book:

Whole Bibles: $5.00 (plus .25c for customized cover)
New Testaments: $2.00 (plus .15c for customized cover)
John and Romans: $.60 (plus .10c for customized cover)

Additional customization of the texts (ie. Discipleship lessons added to whole bibles) for the above will need to  be determined before assembly begins.

These prices are approximate and will vary based on customization of pages.

There also may be additional costs including shipping depending on where you want the finished books to be sent.  This can be discussed and planned to offset costs, if possible.

Your church is welcome to help with the assembly at our shop.  This can be arraigned depending on your need for lodging.  We are not able to bring our equipment to your location as we have done in the past because the logistics doesn’t allow for that any further.

Select this link to create your order – Scripture Order Form