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Sierra Leone Project

In July the Word First Bible Publishing team took on a major project in the armory to assemble 4,300 New Testaments bound for Sierra Leone and a missionary family there to share the word of God.

Many from Heartland also participated by joining in with the team to collate, check, prepare, bind, trim and box these English New Testaments in partnership with Spring City Baptist Church in Cleveland VA.

These New Testaments are part of a larger project that Spring City Baptist is conducting to send a total of 12,000 NT, 3,000 whole bibles, and 12,000 John and Romans booklets.

God has blessed HBF with a great team of people who together with members of someo of our sister churches in Kansas City metro area, make up a team of dedicated workers who not only believe the word of God in the King James Version is God’s word but they also have a great concern for God’s word to be shared around the world. The driving desire for the team is that everyone have a chance to possess God’s word in their language if possible or a language that as closely as possible speaks to their heart, the saving message of Christ and his death, burial, and glorious resurrection.

If you would like to support this ministry physically you can at any time join with us when we do projects. You can also support the ministry financially by donating to help cover the cost of scriptures. We do not charge missionaries for the bibles and other literature we give them but we do have to pay to have them printed and shipped so your contribution is always a blessing.

Our next big project is the annual Fall Bible Conference September 22 – 25 at Heartland. We will be assembling approximagly 8,500 New Testaments and bibles to ship to various places around the world. Plan to attend, help, and support this project and ministry.

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